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Here is what selected Prospero clients say about working with us.


"Prospero is a rare find; its team of consultants combines deep understanding of the agricultural space with a wide-reaching, high-level contact network, excellent business acumen and a ‘get it done’ approach that allows them to deliver tough assignments on tight timelines. Both Agrinos AS and the European Biostimulant Industry Consortium (which I both represent) have benefited greatly from their relationships with Prospero and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to others."

- Aaron Powers, Agrinos


"It has, once again, been a real pleasure working with you this year. We may get the glory but we know who does the hard work. A great big thank you to Prospero for always being on the spot when we need you."

- Conor Dobson, Bayer CropScience


"As usual, Prospero has done an excellent job in providing a high-quality program on time, on budget and in a well coordinated way. Thanks again for all your help and exceptional service."

– Friedhelm Schmider, European Crop Protection Association


"On many occasions, we have called on Prospero to assist us, most recently in our association’s strategic review process, comprising four key projects. Starting with a strategic retreat for the senior staff, followed by an essential membership research programme, a sense-making workshop and, finally, a consultation to the strategic review task force. Through the sound knowledge of the economic sector concerned and the professionalism with which the tasks have been carried out, the Prospero team has performed outstandingly. We will not hesitate to call on them again if the need arises and we can strongly recommend Prospero to anyone in need of consulting in its area of competence."

- Luc Maene, International Fertilizer Industry Association

International Diabetes Federation

"There is no doubt that the highly dedicated and professional communications expertise provided by Prospero has resulted in a greatly enhanced profile for our organization worldwide."

– Hilary Williams, International Diabetes Federation


"Thanks and congratulations to the Prospero team for a very comprehensive and clear piece of  work which should put our industry on a far firmer footing than it has been in previous years."

- Judy Chambon, Syngenta


"My first contact with Prospero was when they approached Valagro to become a founding member of the European Biostimulants Industry Consortium. They had the insight to identify the strategic opportunity offered to our young sector by the EU regulatory review. The Prospero team has skillfully brought competing companies together to agree on a plan of action and to execute it in record time. This is possible because of their unique the combination of technical and political understanding and the dedication shown at the personal and organizational levels. The Prospero team are not just consultants; they are real partners."

- Giuseppe Natale, Valagro

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