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Arnaud Cayrafourcq

Arnaud Cayrafourcq

Managing Partner


+32 3 290 0123


+32 475 891 593

About Arnaud Cayrafourcq

gray arrowArnaud leads the team at Prospero and convenes companies and their stakeholders to help them build truly innovative collaborations in farming and food.

Arnaud is a seasoned economist, strategic consultant and business leader with 15 years’ experience at the helm of Prospero. He grew up on a family farm in the Pyrenees, helping the business evolve to meet the demands of new environmental standards, consumer expectations and market opportunities. Later, at Verhaert Consulting, a leading Belgian product development firm, he built and nurtured a range of stakeholder platforms for the transfer of aerospace technology to agricultural applications.

Today, Arnaud offers Prospero’s agribusiness clients first-hand knowledge of building innovative collaborations, empowering them to manage the complexity, uncertainty, and constant change that are a sign of the times. He is the driving force behind Prospero's distinctively service-oriented and entrepreneurial approach, bringing both hard-won knowledge and personal experience of the commercial challenges that clients face today.

Arnaud is a graduate of the University of the West of England (UWE), where he read Economics, with a special focus on the Common Agricultural Policy.


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